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Ronald Elliston

One Man's Dream For a Puppet

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  TV came to my home at 8 years old. A brand new black and white TV with 4 great channels to choose from. Channel 2, 4, 6 and 11. Life was great then. I saw my first The Ventriloquist on the Ed SullIivan Show with Edgar Bergen's Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd. I fell in love with Ventriloquism. I was too young to buy one, but one day my dream will come true. Joined the Royal Canadian Air Cadets when I was 13. Learned to play the guitar and had a group called “The Townsmen”. University ended that group and took up drums. Entered Drum and Bugle Corp, “York Lion Drum Corp” and then “The Canadian Marching Ambassadors” at world championship level. At 23 my friend found where to get magic from the USA. I was hooked on magic but Ventriloquism still was in the back of my mind.Today I still do magic but changed the way I do it. I hated the way the internet is showing how magic is done. I desided to change the way I do magic to make it different. I now call it ”The Ancient Art of Magic”. I keep all my myself and will tell no one. Still my dream to be a Ventriloquist haunts me. 8 years ago I finally found a person that would make a vent figure to my specification. After a short time I did my first show. Someone filmed me and when I saw it, I was shocked how bad I was. I stopped right there and my dream almost died. I found on the internet a site that gave me 5 free lessons by Tom Crowl. I went all the way with it, NOW after a life time of frustration, my dream has finally come true. His name is Hyman.

How I Got Started. Enjoy The Video
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